Welcome How to use your......National Spa Week Marketing Toolkit!

Thank you for registering your spa, salon or spa related business and supporting National Spa Week 2017. To help you get the most out of this year’s event we have put together a marketing pack with everything you need to get you started in your own National Spa Week promotions.


You will find National Spa Week logos for you to use on your website, social media, printed material . . . anything you need. We have included a Large and Small version depending on your needs.

We have also included a National Spa Week facebook header image should you want to show your support by updating your business facebook header for the week!

Facebook Page Header  National Spa Week Logo Small  National Spa Week Logo Large  Proud Supporter of National Spa Week Logo v2 (1)


Get in the Frame...

You may also have seen pictures on our social media of industry people holding one of our National Spa Week “I’m In!” frames. If you would like to create one of these yourself, we have included the artwork to do this.

If you would like to get a large foamex frame printed, we have included the artwork to do this (the PDF version) which you can upload to an online print website (we used www.printed.com) or alternatively if you would just like to print out your own, you can use either the PDF version or the JPG version and simply print on to some A4 Card.

TN NSW Frame to Cut Out PDFTN NSW jp

Promotional ideas...

While we want spas and salons to be as creative as possible with their offers to support National Spa Week, we wanted to give you a few ideas, places to start that might get your creative brain cells working.

Feel free to use the ideas directly from the “Promotional Ideas” document . . . but remember that the more unusual and different your idea is . . . the more interest it will generate!

Promotional Ideas

Posters & Flyers...

We have included some National Spa Week branded posters and flyers to use both in-house or around your hotel, health club or building as well as some more general awareness posters and flyers.

The in-house versions are editable so you can add your own website address to them before you send them off to be printed. We have included professional print run versions as well as versions you can print on a normal colour printer and can scale to almost any size you need.

A2  Your Ad  a5

Press Release Template...

The NSW press team will be working with the national, regional print and broadcast media to get the NSW story heard around the country. However, local media love to pick up on national/regional stories that have a local angle. This is the perfect opportunity for you to piggy-back on the activity that we are doing and send your own story to your local media.

To really pique their interest you need to be doing something over and above just having offers for National Spa Week.

For example you could be running an in-house Halloween themed charity fundraising event alongside your NSW offers for the week. Something that is social and open to the community is always best.

Invite your local press journalist along – but if they can’t attend take lots of great pictures and send your story in to your local press editor.

To help you we’ve provided a press release template…all you have to do is fill in the ‘blanks’ with your own information. We’ve even included instructions on how to make contact with your local press – whoever they are.




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